Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not your grandma's chinese painting

Ever since I took Internet marketing class back in school, I was dreaming to have my own online gallery. My team and I actually built a business plan talking about having an online gallery and selling Chinese painting from China. Our plan got professor's favorite and allow me to get A in the class. That is pretty much about it.

As I experienced first time to try blogging in January 2007, the power of Internet really amazes me, especially there is actually a number greater than zero in my Google AdSense account. As long as you can type, you can have a blog. Then I read an article about cafepress, the website allow you to upload your designed image and cafepress will print them on mugs, T-shirt, and so on. They even ship for you. This fantastic story reminds me that my grandma is really good at Chinese painting.

Not to mention about Chinese painting, art pieces themselves are hard to sell. They are subjective and full of self esteem. I believe Chinese painting is quite a niche and would like to explore all the possibility of art marketing and selling.

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