Monday, March 26, 2007

The real deal of Chinese Painting

Grandma was a pediatrician and practiced medicine for more than twenty years. After she retired, she then learned and painted Chinese painting for more than thirty years. One of her most famous mentor is master Ho-Nien Au. Master Au even got a museum in Universtiy of Indianopolis. You must to be very good to have your own museum named after you when you are still alive, am I right? The character of art that she learned called Lingnan Art. The root of Lingnan Art can be traced back to Qing Dynasty. See above Genealogy Tree. (click to enlarge). Her most recent exhibition was in Hsin Chu Culture Center in Taiwan. All her painting were sold out and the sale go to National Tsing Hua University, one of the best Universtiy in Taiwan. See related news here.(in Chinese) But don't worry, you can buy a piece of her master piece at chinese painting shop. The shop delivers worldwide!

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